Improving Indoor Air with UV Light in Utah County

If you have lived or worked in Utah for very long, you know that our state experiences both extreme heat during the summer and unexpectedly chilly temperatures in the winter. This is why it is so critical to have a reliable HVAC system to keep your whole property comfortable. One unfortunate side effect is that these essential HVAC products are hot spots for mold and bacteria build-up. Many people don’t know that airborne germs will settle comfortably within your systems and remain there for several years. 

The good news is that innovative technology using UV lights can prevent these health hazards from accumulating. These systems kill viruses, mold, and bacteria, as well as reduce the allergens in your home. They can even block odors from circulating through your ductwork. To begin taking advantage of these units, speak to Authority Heating & Cooling about dependable UV light services right away.

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When people hear the term “UV light systems,” they automatically think about the harmful UV rays that are released by the sun, creating serious health defects if you are exposed to them too long. However, the UV light emitted from the sun should be more precisely categorized as UV light A and B. In contrast, the rays that come from your UV light system are distinguished as UV light C, which is relatively harmless to humans while simultaneously being tough on germs. While you could technically get a “sunburn” if you stood directly under UV light C all day long, these lights are safely tucked away inside the unit. Any purifier that uses UV lights also comes with a secure coating that will prevent any chance of creating ozone byproducts.

What Pollutants Can Be Killed by UV Light

The problem with many other kinds of air filtration or purification systems is that they can only trap particles that are floating in the air, rather than eliminate them. Even though this solution is still fine for diminishing the problems caused by certain pollutants, such as dander, dust, hair, or other debris, many microorganisms stay alive, unaffected by the filter. As these contaminants sit in the “trap” of your system, they can continue to grow and thrive, until they eventually overflow the clogged filter.

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UV lights, however, are effective at completely dismantling the DNA of these harmful pathogens, including:

These lights can be quickly and easily added to your current ductwork, so all you need to do is reach out to our experienced contractors at Authority Heating & Cooling. Learn more about using UV lighting for your HVAC units, so you can begin breathing cleaner air.



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