The Top Reasons Your AC System Freezes

As summer temperatures rise, your air conditioning system becomes your best friend, keeping your home cool and comfortable. However, one common issue many homeowners face is a freezing AC unit. Understanding why this happens can help you prevent it and ensure your AC runs smoothly all season long. Here are the top reasons your AC […]

Should I Choose Central Air or Swamp Coolers in Utah?

HVAC heating and air conditioning units

Are you considering cooling options for your home in Utah and feeling overwhelmed by the choice between central air or swamp coolers? At Authority Heating & Cooling, we understand that every home’s environment and every homeowner’s budget are unique, which is why we offer personalized consultations to help you make the best decision. In Utah’s […]

Are UV Lights in HVAC Systems Effective?

uv lights

As indoor air quality becomes a growing concern, Utah homeowners are looking for effective ways to clean the indoor air. UV lights in HVAC systems have risen in popularity over the last decade, thanks to the effectiveness UV lights have at killing microbial buildup on air filters, drain pans, cooling coils, and duct surfaces in […]

Common HVAC Issues: When to Seek Professional HVAC Services

Professional HVAC Services | Authority Heating

Identifying key HVAC problems involves recognizing symptoms like irregular temperatures, unusual noises, or escalating energy costs, which indicate potential mechanical failures or inefficiencies. Common issues include blocked filters, refrigerant leaks, or worn mechanical components such as compressors. These complexities typically require professional assessment due to the technical expertise and specialized tools needed for accurate diagnostics […]

Emergency Heating and Cooling: Keep Your Home Comfortable in Any Weather

Emergency Heating and Cooling

Don’t you just love our Utah weather? You wake up to 35 degrees in the morning, but experience 95 degrees by 2PM! Our extreme weather can place additional strain on your HVAC system, causing parts to wear out well before they are ready. At Authority Heating & Cooling, we provide emergency heating and cooling services […]

Are Whole House Humidifiers Worth the Cost?

whole house humidifiers

Are you and your family constantly getting sick? In Utah, we often find an increase in cold and flu-like symptoms in the late fall and winter months. Our air is usually drier inside the home in the winter due to the furnace system. Unfortunately, drier air makes it easier for illnesses and viruses to travel. […]

Is It Normal for an HVAC System to Run All Day?

Homeowners often ponder if their unit running incessantly is a cause for concern. Is it normal for your HVAC system to run all day? When does it become more than just a simple maintenance issue? Whether you are a homeowner or a professional in the HVAC industry, here are some valuable resources for comprehending the […]

Why Do Furnace Filters Need to Be Replaced?

changing furnace filters Authority Heating

Did you know that a dirty furnace filter can reduce the airflow in your heating system by up to 20%? Not only does this decrease the energy efficiency of your furnace, but it can also lead to potential damage to its components. In this article, we will explore the importance of regularly replacing furnace filters […]

How Do Freezing Temperatures Impact Your HVAC System?

As freezing temperatures descend upon us, it is imperative to understand the potential impact on your HVAC system. Just like a delicate ecosystem, your HVAC system can face various challenges in the form of frozen pipes, decreased efficiency…

Help! My Furnace Is Running but There’s No Heat

furnace is running but there's no heat

In the middle of winter, a malfunctioning furnace can cause a lot of stress for homeowners. Around 30% of furnace-related issues involve a running furnace that fails to produce heat. At Authority Heating & Cooling, we do recommend…